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  • PPC Marketing – What’s the Use?

    PPC Marketing – What’s the Use?
    In a broad sense of digital marketing; there are two core concepts; namely
    organic and paid marketing.

    Pay-per-click (PPC), […]

  • Defining Your Audience – Marketing Personas

    Defining Your Audience – Marketing Personas
    What is a Marketing Persona?
    A marketing persona is a compound framework for a particular portion of your

    prospective […]

  • The Importance of Digital Marketing

    The advertising world is changing and its changing at a rapid speed. People are consuming more and more digital content every day […]

  • 2018 Digital Marketing Trends

    Every new year brings a shift in digital marketing. As marketers have to constantly be on the lookout for changes in trends […]

  • The Office Staff Party

    On Friday 15th December 2017, the RT7Digital team embarked on a day journey to let loose and relax through one epic year-end […]

  • The Future Is Amazon

    It is clear Amazon has disrupted the online shopping world, it has brought new dimensions to how people around the world shop, […]