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Storytelling Through Website Development

What’s your story? Every brand has a story, what is yours? Start with a narrative. It needs to be unique and interesting. It needs to be something that people actually want to share, retell, or participate in. Power of Storytelling Storytelling has been around for thousands of years to simplify and put across an otherwise…

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The Importance of Digital Marketing

The advertising world is changing and its changing at a rapid speed. People are consuming more and more digital content every day through mobile phones, laptops, desktops and television. Thus, my fellow marketers we need to change our marketing strategies and adapt to this change. The Importance of Digital Marketing It’s very likely that digital…

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2018 Digital Marketing Trends

Every new year brings a shift in digital marketing. As marketers have to constantly be on the lookout for changes in trends or behaviours and adopt a range of strategies immediately in order to stay at the forefront of all things digital. With the demise of certain social platforms to the rise of others, to…

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staff party - hint hunt

The Office Staff Party

On Friday 15th December 2017, the RT7Digital team embarked on a day journey to let loose and relax through one epic year-end staff party. The day begun with the troops rounding up in the office with jolly smiles and enthusiasm to fill a stadium – no joke, we were really excited. Let’s flashback to the…

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The Future Is Amazon

It is clear Amazon has disrupted the online shopping world, it has brought new dimensions to how people around the world shop, interact with the web and take in media. Rumor has it that it is the number one search engine for product searches and the second biggest search engine to Google. Tech and E-Commerce…

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Are you fresh out of University/College and in need of work experience? Or maybe you’re just taking a break from studying and want a glimpse into the working world. We’re looking for a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed fresh and vibrant young being to join our team of Digital Marketing enthusiasts. We’ve heard all there is to hear…

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internet of things security

Not so Smart Teddy Bears: What You Should Know About Internet of Things Security

Picture the scene. Your child has an amazing new teddy bear, which allows you to record and send messages from any location, that your child can listen to on demand. Your child can record and send messages back to you. Clever, and very cute. But then the teddy bear is hacked and someone plays your…

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Our Graphic Designers Process

There are many ways a designer can create an idea from scratch to the final work of art, graphic designers have a different process and method of doing things. At RT7, our way of working is methodological and strategic. The Brief The designer will be briefed on a project with specific outcomes and specifications on…

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digital marketing agency cape town

Digital Marketing Agency Cape Town

Ever wondered what and who we are? We welcome you into the life of Digital Content Creators at RT7Digital, a digital marketing agency based in the beautiful city of Cape Town We were established in early 2012 with the objective of rethinking and redefining the digital landscape. Whether it is through creating content that is…

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The Connected World Of IoT

We have progressed significantly since the Stone Age. The world we live in has done a complete 360 by fuelling a rapidly growing technological environment, making it impossible to return to the archaic scene we once found ourselves in. Bringing us into the 21st century and beyond is the Iot (Internet of Things). Smart Homes…

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