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Meet the team that drives your brand’s online conversions by tirelessly formulating and implementing ideas as well as promoting your service to the desired audience.
Each member of the RT7Digital family is passionate about rethinking digital in an effort to grow your online influence. They have their own set of values, experience and specialties that allow us to stay relevant
throughout the times.


Ash Beddow

Hi I’m Ash, I am here to serve my cat overlord. No, that’s not a joke my cat is life! I studied a BJourn at Rhodes University specialising in New Media. I enjoy the simple things in life,
like a perfectly ripe plum or an un-chewed pen lid (pointing no fingers…Em!). I am the Content Manager here at RT7 Digital and it’s my job to make sure that the creative content is at constant flow of awesomeness.

I rate that my quick wit and edgy personality generally means that the office banter often swings in my favour. As part of the content team, I spend my days creating kick-ass pieces of work. I live for the
“ah yessssssss” moments. Oh, and did I mention my cat?

Hidden talent: Make a glass of wine disappear – more of a superpower really!

What’s the first thing people notice about you: My “mermaid hair” - Thanks Delia.

What makes you laugh,like ROLF: Watching Em try twerk.

Why do you work in digital: Digital is a beautiful and boundless creature where any whacky idea can be crafted into reality.

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Ash Beddow

Thoby Solheim

Hi, I’m Thoby or as the girls like to call me Da Thobsta. As captain of the RT7 Digital ship, I keep everyone in check and make sure that we keep sailing smoothly.

I am new to the digital world and am still getting my head around the concept of Facebook and what a GIF is (which I still pronounced Jiff). With my crew of wacky sailors, we are out to conquer the digital seas!

Hidden talent: I can strip and rebuild a motorcycle engine.

What’s the first thing people notice about you: I have no idea you tell me.

What makes you laugh,like ROLF:John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson.

Why do you work in digital: Digital feels like the next frontier for business: and I love building businesses.

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Thoby Solheim

Em Kendrick

I’m Em Kendrick, I studied Creative Media Production at Stratford upon Avon College in the UK and moved to Cape Town in 2015. I am most definitely a square peg in a world of round holes.

As the youngest member of the team and definitely the loudest, I often find myself asking the finer questions in life like “Why is Crème Soda Green?” and “Are those birds or chimneys on that building over there?”

I seem to have pocketed the role of RT7 Cheerleader and make it a priority of mine to hand out daily doses of smiles and laughter. When I’m not making a noise, distracting Ash, spilling my morning coffee all over my desk or eating copious amounts of sugary snacks, I design and create rad content for our awesome clients. I am also a social obsessive and have an extreme addiction to using Hashtags! #SoBlessed

Hidden talent: Fluent Mexican.

What’s the first thing people notice about you: My unbrushed hair.

What makes you laugh,like ROLF: when Delia falls off her chair.

Why do you work in digital: Because it gives me the freedom to be a creative.

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Em Kendrick

Volker Butow

The name is Volker Butow. Yes, I know it sounds a bit like the name of a James Bond villain, but I will give you 10 bucks if you can pronounce it properly.

No, not in a German accent!My daily routine involves analysing reports and optimising campaigns. Although most of my time is spent talking to a computer, I'm quite adept at speaking to humans too.

I dream of a world surrounded by Piña coladas, marshmallow cushions and sunshine, but mostly the rare element of silence.

Hidden talent: Breaking things, online and offline.

What’s the first thing people notice about you: That I'm actually uber-chill. With an Umlaut. über-chill.

What makes you laugh, like ROLF: Hipsters and Doug the Pug.

Why do you work in digital:I work in Cape Town! Isn't that what half Capetonians do? The other half work on film sets.

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Volker Butow

Giah-Iska Cloete

Not many people realise it, but my full name is actually Giah-Iska. (It’s one name).

Giah is a biblical name. The Hebrew meanings vary between “bursting forth confidently”
(like a waterfall) and “the valley of vision”. Iska, correlates with the latter meaning. —It means observer.

I have no idea why my parents chose to amalgamate two very complicated and unique names into one but what they have explained to me is that I introduced myself to the world very confidently and continued to do so as I grew up.

I was never unsure of myself as a child and am proud of the people and experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. The second half of my name was inspired by my eyes. My parents said I had huge brown eyes as a baby and as I grew up they noticed that I had a unique, creative insight into life.

I hated my name growing up because no-one could ever pronounce it correctly (Gee-ah-Is-kah).Today I love it because I am yet to meet someone with the same name, it describes me perfectly even in its complexity and its always a great conversation starter. I love people so I value conversation.

My interest in humans and communication stems from a multicultural upbringing in different parts of the world and my family heritage. We traveled a lot growing up and moved in and around areas of the Middle East before settling in Durban,South Africa. I moved to Cape Town at the tender age of 17 to begin my studies at the University of Cape Town and fell in love with the city and its people so here I live!

I am an adventurous human and a friendly one too. I love meeting new people and helping others and adding value to the world. I believe in empowering each other and supporting our communities. I measure success through the positive impact we leave on people's lives and how we’ve helped them through their journey. Whether it is making someone smile or helping them grow their business, every day I make it my mission to help someone somehow in the hope that they will pay it forward.

I live by the true South African humanitarian way of life “Ubuntu” meaning “we are who we are through other people”. So the more we build each other up and help each other we will improve as a nation and human race!

Hidden talent: I am a makeup artist at heart rather than qualification

What’s the first thing people notice about you: according to Tahnee and my parents, my eyes are very prominent

What makes you laugh, like ROFL: Cartoons, Animation, Comics- Cyanide and Happiness to be specific. (I have a strange-kid sense of humor)

Why do you work in digital: I love interacting with people and keeping up to date with the world and times we live in. Today the digital world is the most efficient way to communicate.

My love for social and all things media have driven me into the digital media world where I have begun my eager journey to learn how to best communicate through the digital world we live in.

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Giah-Iska Cloete

Tammy Walsh

I’m Tammy, or better known as the office Momma. I studied Marketing Management with Damelin in Randburg. My initial introduction into the marketing world was as a marketing assistant at a financial services company,after which I moved into the exciting world of SEO in 2005. I have been working at RT7 for over 2 years and am the Office Manager. If you need anything from a paperclip to a new desk chair I am your girl.

You will often find me helping Em wipe up coffee from her desk or helping Delia sort out her computer cables. As the matriarch of the girls, my job responsibilities range from project management to keeping everyone in order!

Hidden talent:I’m super flexible

What makes you laugh, like ROFL: babies scared of farts - YouTube it

What’s the first thing people notice about you:My Eyes

Why do you work in digital: The fast paced ever-changing nature of the industry appeals to my restless spirit

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Tammy Walsh

Rob Laughton

Rob is an advisor to RT7Digital and has been working in Digital since 1999 when he first founded Root7.

He has since grown a group of related businesses in the UK, USA and
South Africa, which all focus on robust digital sales channels.

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Rob Laughton

Tahnee Wagenaar

Hi I’m Tahnee, it might take you a while to pronounce my name…(Taaaar-Neeee)

I studied at the University of Cape Town. After studying, I developed a passion for the online world and love interacting with people. I am a proactive member of RT7 and I enjoy hiking and gyming.

Let’s not forget my all-time favourite… dancing! I started at the tender age of 6 and ended at 18. Yes, a whole 12 years dedicated to the art of dance. I did ballet, Spanish, modern and hip hop dancing.

Contemporary dancing is definitely my next venture.

I am also the office hairstylist and can be seen ‘fixing’ the girl’s hair on a daily basis.

Hidden talent: I have serious hairdressing skills

What’s the first thing people notice about you? My smile

What makes you laugh?Easy…my amazing colleagues!

Why do you work in digital?It’s like a whole another world out there! Honestly, I am amazed at how much one can learn when being exposed to virtually anything digital.

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Tahnee Wagenaar