The Inception of Hydrate Direct


We had an idea:  how about integrating water delivery with the world’s leading technology – The Amazon Dash Button.

The Internet of Things invention has taken the world by storm and dovetailed with our business model. Our aim was to get water to customers quicker: how could we do that? Why not at the push of a button!

We have made ordering water and delivering it to you as fast and as simple as possible. That’s why we have introduced our HYDRATE.DIRECT button. Stick it on the side of your water cooler, or hang it nearby, and when your water is running low, simply press the button for FREE next working day delivery. It really is that simple!

The storyboard below depicts the story of Hydrate Direct and how the buttons and ordering works.

  1. You notice that you are running low on water
  2. You press the button for easy reordering and get delivery the next day


3.  A verification gets sent for you to confirm your order

4. Water gets bottled and shipped


5. The empty bottle is swapped out with the full, fresh water bottle

6. You get Hydrated



Our mission is simple: to make healthy hydration as simple as possible. We sell only natural British mineral water, bottled at the source in Scotland. Their water is one of the freshest, most refreshing, and purest that can be sourced in the United Kingdom. The water coolers are sleek, stylish, customisable and of the highest quality, providing you with chilled mineral water on tap.

Visit the Hydrate Direct website to view the video which brings to life the sketches above.

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Posted on June 20, 2017 in Rt7 Digital

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