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Every new year brings a shift in digital marketing. As marketers have to constantly be on the lookout for changes in trends or behaviours and adopt a range of strategies immediately in order to stay at the forefront of all things digital.

With the demise of certain social platforms to the rise of others, to robots, influencers and best SEO practices, we have got you covered.

2018 Trends to Look Out For

Search Engine Optimisation

If you haven’t heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) then be sure to do your research, as this mighty marketing trend is coming in hot and will soon drive change in consumer behaviour. Does Siri or Alexa ring a bell? These are voice recognition and search technologies to assist consumers in everyday life. Finding ways to optimise your content for voice search results will be a priority in your SEO strategy in the near future.

Another AI to look out for is chatbots and machine learning, where machines comprehend data to respond and assist the consumer through there browsing experience, and it’s all done in real-time. Using AI to engage with customers will save you valuable time if programmed correctly.

Facebook and Pinterest will become an increasingly popular search engine for many consumers, as their data capabilities and storage increases. Consumers generally spend more time on these social platforms than they do Google. Thus, optimising content on these platforms will serve your brand well, in reaching audiences and being competitive.

Your website content will also play a significant role in determining your rank on search engines. Make sure the content on your pages not only has the query people are searching for but answers people’s problems and intent.

Influencer Marketing

Finding the right person to promote and represent your brand can go a long way in establishing brand credibility and reach. So, my fellow marketers get on your digital PR caps on and start finding and contacting top bloggers to showcase your brand!


Providing the consumer with a highly personal experience for your digital engagement strategy is key in 2018. Content delivered will have to be more engaging, relevant and entertaining than before, consumers want to be taken on a journey with your brand through effective and transparent storytelling.

Social Media

Say goodbye to free organic reach on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Paid advertisements on these platforms are going to be an essential social plan if businesses want to be found and increase their following. Social media content such as live videos, recorded videos and video ads will dominate social feeds across all platforms in 2018.

Making use of the messaging ability of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat will be vital in communicating with your audience. So, don’t be afraid to slide into their DMs when needed, as this will build strong customer relationships.

Well there you have it folks just a few digital marketing trends to look out for this year. If you have any comments or you want to know more about the Rt7 Digital service offering chat to us on live chat on the website or email us on