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The wait is over, Amazon has introduced A+ content A/B Split Testing. Have you ever wondered if conversions would improve upon changing up content or images on your A+ Content?  Well, now you don’t have to.

Your customers will be delivered version A or B of your A+ Content. Data from this experiment will help you determine which version to post depending on engagement or sales. As for the duration of the experiment, Vendors/Sellers have the option to run it for 4-10 weeks. We recommend a longer duration to gain more accurate data from your sample.

What you need to start testing:

  1. Select the ASIN that you want to optimise – This has to be a high-traffic ASIN that has brand registry and must have published A+ content.
  2. Create the second version of your A+ Content – Change up the images, text, and overall layout of the V2.
  3. Name your experiment, set the duration, and start date.
  4. Submit both version A and B for approval for the same ASIN.
  5. After both are approved, you can run your A/B experiments!

To take full advantage of this feature, you can A/B test variations of nearly any element of your A+ content. Here are some A+ content test ideas from Amazon Brand Services:

  1. Add a comparison table
  2. Add or remove a company/brand logo
  3. Move your existing A+ modules around
  4. Update or replace the text in your modules
  5. Swap the order of your images
  6. Present the same images and text using a different module
  7. Try lifestyle images
  8. Introduce new A+ content modules

Run your experiment

Once your experiment goes live, each customer who visits your detail page is randomly assigned a content version. Logged in customers will see the same variation every time they visit the product detail page.

While your experiment is in progress, you can’t edit your A+ content while experiments are in progress or scheduled to begin.

Measure your results

A few weeks after your experiment begins, you can start seeing data on each variation and how well they’re performing. Preliminary data can be misleading, though, so let your experiment run its course before you interpret the results.

Once your experiment ends, Amazon gives you:

  • Recommendations on which content variation is more effective
  • How confident you should be in the recommendation
  • The confidence interval of likely outcomes from that content
  • The estimated 12-month impact on sales

These performance insights can help you choose the most effective content for your product detail pages which, in turn, can boost sales and conversions for your Amazon products. If you would like to boost sales and conversion rates for your Amazon portfolio, contact us today here.