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So, it is safe to say that Amazon is the biggest and number 1 online shopping portal in the world. With hundreds of products uploaded to its shopping feed each day, as a seller getting your products seen on the first results page is becoming more difficult each day.

Amazon has updated its algorithm which determines how, when and what products get shown when people are searching for products on Amazon. Yes, exactly like Google but more product and customer specific.

Everything about Amazon is geared towards the customer and this new algorithm is geared to making the process of selecting products easier and more relevant to its customers – here is how it does that:

Amazon looks at a consumers behaviour when interacting with your product listing by analysing various factors such as the time the user spends on your listing, how information is displayed and ultimately, does the user purchase?

Your product will get ranked higher if you sell more. But to rank higher your listing must meet all the user and Amazon A10 requirements:

  • Your product listing must have a good conversion rate, this means your listing should be fully optimised:
    – Excellent product information in short, punchy bullet point format highlighting benefits of product for the consumer and why they need it.
    – Imagery and video content which abides by Amazon guidelines.
    – Enhanced brand content (this is not compulsory but surely swings in your favour)
    – An Amazon storefront which gives a user a snapshot of your overall offerings
  • Relevant product listing reviews
  • How many sales were made from external links such as websites or social media
  • Organic Sales
  • 180-day sales history
  • Click through rate of product listing

You can achieve the above-mentioned points by doing extensive research in order to maximise the output of your efforts put into Amazon by:

  • THOROUGH KEYWORD RESEARCH – this will allow you to analyse whether your current keyword strategy can be improved upon. Search terms are constantly changing which means you need constantly do research to stay on top of the changes.
  • COMPETITOR RESEARCH – Amazon is a competitive space but the difference between Amazon and other search platforms is that the traffic coming through to your listing have good conversion rates. In order to stand out aside from rankings, there are hundreds of sellers offering similar products which you need to know about.
  • NODE AND LEAF NODE ANALYSIS – Is it possible that your products may be in the wrong node? We have seen many listings which are positioned in the top 100 in a node, yet their sales are flatlined. Why is that?You may come to realise that the primary node your product is in, is dominated by a certain product, leaving your product sticking out like a sore thumb. There may be opportunities to increase sales for that product in a different node – which you can find out doing your research.

The A10 algorithm has not taught us anything new, rather refined what we already know to be true.

If you looking at getting your business listed on Amazon or you are a current seller needing a little help with your listing – at RT7 Digital we have a team of specialist who is ready to help.

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