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2020 Has been a year like no other.

With the Corona Virus pandemic having spread throughout the globe and movement was restricted, this had a severe impact on brick and mortar, e-commerce and just general daily lives.

This impact resulted in a drastic shift to shopping online in greater numbers and frequency, which has has caused e-commerce growth to skyrocket. At the forefront of e-commerce for many years, Amazon was the go-to place for most online shoppers. Amazon recorded a 37% sales growth from 2019 to 2020

We have asked our HOD’s 3 questions:

  1. How has Covid-19 impacted Amazon? 
  2. How has Covid-19 impacted RT7Digital?
  3. What are your predictions for Amazon in 2021?

Russell Ball – Managing Director

Without a doubt COVID-19 has been the catalyst that has driven retail into the virtual space. Once and for all, and 2020 saw a boom in e-commerce. If the prediction was that high-street retail sales numbers would be surpassed by e-commerce in the next 20 years, last year and the resulting lockdowns, has moved this timeline dramatically forward.

Because of the shift towards the world of e-commerce and because Amazon is the major platform in this space, RT7Digital, being an Amazon specialist marketing agency, has seen phenomenal growth where we have helped existing Amazon users optimise their offering and new entrants begin to play in the space.

We expect a continuation of the same trends we saw in 2020 – increased migration of brands towards the virtual space. With that, comes increased competition due to more brands competing for market share, which means that existing players need to box smarter and use the tricks of the trade and tools available to be competitive. Brexit will also play a major role and brands will needs to understand the pitfalls around new legislation and increased costs.

Jack Copper – Commercial Sales Director

“Covid-19 accelerated an already rising trend. During 2020 net sales are said to have increased by 40% when compared with the previous year, so it has has been positive for Amazon as a marketplace.

Covid presented many challenges for us this year. With that said we were still able to increase our annual revenue by 100% during 2020.

I think Amazon will continue to grow and branch out into other verticals. We are excited to see what they looks like.”

Sean McMahon – Head of Sales

Covid 19  has seen Amazon solidify its space as a go-to marketplace for brands looking to maintain business continuity with traditional channels such as the high street and shopping mall environments closed for business.

Covid-19 has provided a 200 % growth in revenue and clients wanting help from Rt7Digital. It has also forced us to be able to work 100 % remotely, forcing us to prioritise business process mapping and installing systems to manage quality control as an example.

I  see another year of growth trends on the Amazon Marketplaces. I also see Amazon becoming more and more sticky with their rules and regulations, making selling on amazon effectively, even more, challenging.