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Amazon Air (formally known as Amazon Prime Air) is’s own fleet of aeroplanes, which have been flying across the US since 2016. Anyone that knows Amazon, knows, it’s more than just an online retailer. The e-commerce giant has spread its lengthy tentacles across e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence and most recently the air-freight industry.

Amazon Air NOT Amazon Prime Air

The project was originally called Amazon Prime Air, but it was later renamed Amazon Air due to the company’s wider ambitions to dominate air delivery services. The name ‘Amazon Prime Air’ was transferred to Amazon’s drone-based delivery concept which is currently pending approval. Amazon Air refers to the cargo airline that ships its freight.

The Problem

When Amazon experienced logistical problems during the 2013 holiday season, one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year for businesses, it seriously began to consider its independent options. Several leading shipping companies were unable to cope with an unexpectedly high volume of holiday packages, resulting in severe delivery delays and thousands of unhappy customer. Following the number of returns and profit losses incurred from the chaotic situation, Amazon revealed it was reviewing the performance of delivery carries and so began its pursuit in tackling its shipping problems.

Amazon Air

In 2015, Amazon finally bit the bullet and announced a trial of branded air cargo runs out of Wilmington Air Park, Ohio. Some few months later, scheduled operations began with 20 leased Boeing 767 aircraft, as part of an effort to shift Amazon-ordered products closer to their destinations without relying on cross-state specialists FedEx and UPS. The Amazon Air fleet currently holds over 40 Boeing aircraft and is manned by three operating teams. There are a total of 18 Boeing 767-200SF planes and 26 Boeing 767-300BCF planes now at Amazon’s disposal.

Benefits Of Amazon Air

For Amazon, the benefits of having a self-sufficient air freight fleet are clear. The fewer middlemen the company needs to rely on, the more it can control its logistics to truly serve customers how they want to be served – quickly, efficiently and on time.

There are, however, even greater benefits for customers and the economy, such as the following:

  • Anticipation for the holiday season
  • Exclusive for Amazon customers
  • More jobs
  • Impact on Latin American trade

What Amazon Air Means For You

As you may have gathered by now, the fleet of aircraft will make Amazon more efficient for e-commerce. With all the cargo space, Amazon Air allows for more efficient deliveries, and your customers won’t have to wait to receive the item they order.