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2020 has been a year of many trials and tribulations across the globe. While many businesses have seen a downturn, Amazon has grown from strength to strength.

The global pandemic has pushed manufacturers and retailers to increase their reach into e-Commerce markets expanding in a way they never have before. Amazon has seen an enormous upswing in brands and new businesses taking advantage of the digital behemoth to reach customers beyond traditional means.

At RT7Digital, we have always believed in being at the forefront of technology and data to drive strategy and business. As such, we are excited to announce we’re close to finishing a new automated reporting powered by Pacvue.

Why Are We Excited By Pacvue?

Gone are the days of manual Amazon reporting. We’re moving into a new era with faster, more accurate, more detailed overviews of campaign and sales performance. Think of this as RT7Digital 2.0. – the next step in our journey to the top of Amazon Consultancies and honing our expertise in all things Amazon.

Pacvue is a leading e-commerce Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that empowers us to help brands, manufacturers, and resellers to optimise their Amazon strategies and content. Using this software, integrated A.I. algorithms, and specialised E-Commerce and advertising expertise help us grow our customers’ voice, increase their sales, and improve their profits. The automated insights our customers and we will gain will make products and marketing more competitive in the Amazon space.

What Are The Benefits?

With automating our reporting methods, we have much more time to spend thinking and less time wasted on admin. The more we think and ponder, the better insights and strategies we can deliver.

Thanks to this reporting tool, everything is brought together for us; sales, inventory, and advertising data in a completely customisable dashboard that even allows us to work directly in Excel. Our team now has the room to grow and focus on developing better strategies, better content, and implement testing and the best practices for specific accounts and Amazon categories.

The Power of Pacvue

In two words? Powerful analytics. This flexible SaaS platform is a comprehensive means of compiling multiple points of data, automating it, and exacting essential information from Amazon. Integrating it into our new reporting platform saves hours wasted in manual reports by only delivering relevant data and organising it, all tailored to our client’s needs.

Clients will be able to overview their sales and product performance at a glance. Whether it be week by week or over the whole month, everything is compiled into a neat and easy-to-understand, customisable dashboard. See your top performers. Your best campaigns. Your spend to profit ACoS percentage. We can highlight key performance areas of some of the most critical factors clients wish to know about.

However, this barely scratches the surface of what RT7Digital’s new reporting tool will do. As a small sneak peek here’s what we’re working towards:

  • Month to month, year to year comparisons.
  • Viewing the strength of campaign spending and profit.
  • Using ‘events’ to identify performance correlations.
  • Automating & managing budgets to prevent overspend on low performing products.
  • Use adaptable A.I. and rule-based bid optimisation to grow your share of voice.
  • Capitalising on report insights to increase sales and profitability.

Through this new Pacvue enabled tool, we can manage campaigns with more control. We’re aiming to circumvent aspects that can be rather difficult to manage manually but are aspects that are key for optimising campaign performance. Ultimately, the software will empower us to put our best practices to work; automatically we could increase, or lower bids based on the most recent conversion rate, ACoS%, ROAS, impressions, order volume and more to reach KPIs. The flexibility and options are what have us genuinely excited.

2020 and beyond promises to be an exciting time for E-commerce and RT7Digital. We’re continuing to push boundaries, improve business, and refine our methods. With a new reporting platform, our clients will see what Amazon and our expertise can do for their brands. Expect a brighter year ahead.

What will our new reporting software do? Keep watching for the reveal of this ‘enigmatic’ mystery soon.