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Amazon is introducing a measuring tool amazon attribution that will give marketers and brand owners insight into how their marketing pull is, off amazon. 

For now, this tool is still an assignment and is in its foundation stage, amazon wants to see the amount of positive impact this tool will have in growing and helping you understand which platform your most pull comes from.

Now let’s look at the key things amazon attribution will implement to help your business. 

Brand Awareness 

Getting your brand recognised by customers helps it expand and reach its full potential. Before customers consider buying from you or being loyal to your brand, they must be aware it exists.

Truth is your potential customers engage with brands across multiple touch points. Amazon attribution will help you drive awareness about your brand and products outside amazon, so if by any chance your potential customer is not on amazon or never heard of amazon before they can still be exposed to your products that are on sale in amazon and as a brand owner amazon attribution will make you aware.

Three ways you can maximise brand awareness using the new amazon attribution tool.

  • Understand strategies that help you reach your goals on and off amazon and apply amazon conversion metrics so you can assess progress between all channels 
  • Get advertising analytics, awareness, consideration or even purchase. Amazon attribution will offer insight to several clicks, page views, add to baskets and sales 
  • Lastly, you can discover new sale opportunities and how shoppers become involved with your brand on and off amazon respectively 

Drive Traffic

It is vital to make in-flight optimisation using social media platforms to aid maximise the number of people visiting your store and seeing your products to ensure efficiency.

With amazon attribution, you will learn which platforms on social media including Facebook, Instagram, search engines (google), in house mailer and display maximise return in sales after your customers and potential customers have engaged with your products, this will help to build future marketing plans and be aware where your most traffic coming from.

Be seen everywhere and sell on Amazon

All sales will be done through amazon whether your pull came from Facebook ads or google search this help you manage your sales well.

Amazon attribution will help you with transactional metrics like the number of purchases, purchase rate, and total sales. All this will make your marketing strategies easier as you will know precisely where and how many people engage with your brand each month so targeting that platform will yield results. 

If you are interested in the Amazon Attribution service and wish to add this to your account, do not hesitate to give us a shout on or fill out the form on our website and we will get in touch with you.