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Are you facing any issues with getting your content to reflect on your brand new Amazon listings? Well, this could be the answer you are looking for.

Amazon considers a brand to be a name that represents a product or set of products. Products from the same brand share a common name, logo, or other identifying mark that appears on the product or its packaging and distinguishes those products from similar products that do not belong to that brand.

The Amazon Brand Name policy explains how to use the brand attribute on your ASINs. The brand attribute on a listing should match the name of the brand that produced the product (that is, an AmazonBasics product should always show “by AmazonBasics” on the detail page).

Our observations

Across multiple listings and a number of clients, we have noted that the brand name submitted when applying for Brand Registry and the Brand Name inserted into the attribute field tends to differ. This could come down to the customer not wanting the legal business name (RT7Digital London) to display on the product detail page and would rather prefer (RT7Digital).

While the difference is minor in our eyes, Amazon views these as two different brands and entities.

The issues

The main issue comes up when building a brand store for clients. Despite being able to complete the build, we encounter issues once the brand store has been published. We find that products listed with the brand name (RT7Digital) will NOT link to the brand store created under the brand (RT7Digital London).

We have also encountered issues when it comes to updated content not reflecting on the detail pages. Although content not reflecting is a common issue, if you brand name and brand registered name matches, you could turn to Amazon brand registry support to assist. This team of support is generally swifter at resolving issues as they are there to ensure your brand is portrayed in the best light. The issue comes where your names do not align. This will result is your Amazon marketing agency or internal support team to contact regular Amazon support which could take weeks to get the issue resolved.

Our suggestions

We suggest applying for brand registry before uploading any products into your Amazon catalogue and when uploading your products, use the exact same name. We have found this method yield the highest success rate when it comes to getting content to reflect, being able assign you asins to A+ Content and linking your products to your Brand Store.

Should you encounter any issues , contact our team of dedicated and reliable Amazon specialists to assist in resolving your brand name issue. Contact us on