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New Feature Alert!

Introducing Amazon Brand Store Versions. A feature that allows you to create a second store for a specified period of time, without effecting the original brand store.

The question is, how can we use this and how will it benefit your business on Amazon?

Creating your BRAND STORE version

The process of creating a second version of your brand store is simple:

  1. Click the Version drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  2. Click Create a new version.
  3. Enter a name for the new version – Giving your new store a name is simple. Use a name specific to the campaign. If you are creating a store for the holiday shopping season = RT7Digital Holiday Shopping Store
  4. Select an existing version to use as a starting point for the new version – if you wish to change only a few elements of your store, simply duplicate the existing store and make the applicable changes. If you wish to build a customised store, simply click “create new”.
  5. Click Create version.
  6. Wait until the new version is created.
  7. Click Edit now to make changes to the new version.
  8. When you’re done editing, click Submit for publishing on the top-right corner.
  9. Select the start and end date for your new version.
  10. Click Submit.

Now that you know how to create your second version of your brand store, how can this new feature help you in improving conversion rate and ultimately, sales?

The Purpose of Store Versions

We all know by now that Amazon does not release new features unless there is a need for them. Brand store versions are available for you to use over specific periods in order to create a friendly user experience for customers. What do we mean by this? Well, if we take our example “Holiday Shopping” into consideration, we know that this is the busiest time of the year as there are waves of new shoppers looking to score the best deals. In order to offer the best service, we need to relook at the strategies we have put in place throughout the year.

Revisiting your brand store, we know that generally, the store houses all of the products in your catalog but this does not necessarily mean that ALL of those products will be pushed for the holiday shopping season – thus, brand store versions.

We can create a customised store to house only the products you wish to promote over this period, send traffic to a store filled with promotions and deals, which should lead to a higher store conversion rate which means, more sales.

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