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As a part of Amazon’s shift to more brand-centric policies, they have introduced two new features to improve customer engagement with Amazon brand stores. Stores provide customers with a seamless brand experience when they shop on Amazon. 

The first feature is that brand stores now appear in Amazon searches in the US, and the second is that sellers can now create Sponsored Brand ads where you send people directly to Store subcategory pages instead of a product detail page. This feature allows you to drive traffic to your store including subcategories/pages. This is suitable for bigger brands as the store needs to have at least 4 or more pages with at least one of more unique products.  

This is available on both Seller and Vendor and the major markets (the UK, US, FR, DE). You can create the SB targeting keywords or products.  

What is aN AMAZON BRAND store and what can it do for your brand? 

Amazon Stores are the home of brands on Amazon. It allows sellers and vendors to set up their own brand stores on all Amazon marketplaces. The aim of stores is to provide customers with an immersive and rich virtual shopping experience that can be optimized for mobile and desktop platforms. Setting up an Amazon Store is easy, completely self-service, and is free for any Amazon seller or vendor who has brand registry.  

Amazon Store improves shopping experiences by: 

  • Capitalizing on both internal and external sources of traffic. 
  • Boosting organic rankings on Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Page Results) and thereby, increasing the sales volume. 
  • Making your brand stand out  
  • Introduce your brand to newer audiences. 
  • Promoting new products / Amazon-exclusive products 
  • Promoting your products to all the preexisting customers. 
  • Stores provide an excellent brand-centric shopping experience  
  • Stores emulate the brick and mortar shopping experience, which is especially relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic 

Benefits of the new features 

Having stores come up as organic search results and being able to send traffic to specific category pages on your storefront is perfect for brands trying to make an impact on Amazon. It will increase customer engagement and ultimately drive up sales. Customers will be able to engage with your brand stories in an optimized shopping experience on Amazon 

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