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It is no secret that Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies to ever exists. Turning over $200 billion a year with a 20% year on year growth, the giant cannot be ignored as a part of your online, e-commerce strategy. 

Amazon has been perceived as purely a B2C platform but, have you heard about Amazon Business – much like a seller account, businesses can register and create their account, geared towards selling B2B. 

Amazon B2B, also known as Amazon Business, provides purchasing solutions for registered businesses to buy business supplies on Amazon. Through the platform, enterprises of any size, wholesalers, and manufacturers can buy and sell to each other and receive discounts based on quantities ordered. 

Benefits of using Amazon Business: 

  1. Cold Calling – No longer are the days where you are required to pick up the phone and call a potential customer out of nowhere. Not only does Amazon Business provide a platform with millions of potential customers a month, but they also put you in front of customers already looking for your products. 
  2. No More Sales Force – An office filled with salespeople, phones ringing off the wall is a thing of the past. Upload your products with relevant information, 7 product images, enhanced content in the form of A+ and run the campaign and watch as your listing generates interest and ultimately, sales. 
  3. Delivery System – Are you customers waiting 3-7 business days for their products to be delivered? By using Amazon Business, you can opt-in for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) which means, you can use and take advantage of Amazon’s delivery service ensuring that customers receive their goods sooner rather than later. 

Amazon B2B is suitable for every type of business and any size organisation, plus; accounts are free. You will have access to business-only prices on millions of items and exclusive quantity discounts. 

Fast free business prime services with flexible delivery options for you to choose from. Find what you need with ease and get it delivered quick. 

Amazon Business can form part of an integrated e-commerce strategy, capitalising on all the benefits mentioned above. Can you afford to ignore it? 

We can help you set up and run your Amazon Business account. Contact us today on or +44 20 8080 0505