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There are a lot of discussions around whether or not coupon codes will or can increase rankings on Amazon. The first thing you will need to understand is the difference between the types of coupons that are available:

Types of Discounts

  1. FREE SHIPPING – This is an underrated form of discount. Shipping, dependant on where you are based (your location) and the type of seller you are purchasing from could end up costing more than the actual product. Thus, free shipping is enticing to those who have experienced having to pay for it.
  2. X AMOUNT OFF – Offering a flat rate discount on your first purchase, certain products or certain categories. Eg., “Get £15 off your first purchase”
  3. X PERCENTAGE OFF – Offering a percentage off their first purchase, a product or category or even the entire store. Eg., “Up to 50% sitewide”
  4. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE – Offer one or more items for free on a qualifying purchase from your entire catalogue or a subset of your catalogue.

Setting Up A Discount

Setting up any one of the above discount codes are really simple. Log in to your profile and navigate to the dropdown “inventory” and then click on “manage promotions”.

Here you will find four options which are listed above. This is where we test all of them to see which one works best for the target audience you are going after.

So how does coupon codes and discounts boost rankings? Well, it is simple. Amazon looks at sales volume to determine rankings and by implementing discounts or coupons, you are bound to increase sales volumes if the product on offer is appealing to the customer.

An increase in sales volume could relate to there being adequate information on the listing about the product, the benefits, excellent imagery and positive reviews which put the led the customer to make a purchase.

If you are looking to increase your rankings and make Amazon a more profitable sphere for your business, get in touch with our Amazon Specialists by emailing and let us help you.