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Amazon is closing fulfilment centres, and Merchant Fulfilled (FBM) sellers are winning the Buy Box.

Covid-19 is causing a changing environment and an uncertain future for many Amazon sellers. Now is a time more than ever to be ahead of the curve.

FBA and Merchant Fulfilled shipping times

As Amazon stops accepting “non-essential items”, we are seeing more FBA sellers switch to FBM. This move could be advised if shorter shipping times were met, contributing to a key win of the buy box.

Is a switch the right move for your business?

Upon checking our client’s accounts, we are seeing wide variances in FBA/Vendor delivery times.

In the UK, we see FBA delivery times that vary massively, from a week to a month, for non-essential items. Remember however that the 5th April deadline is soon approaching, and we are already seeing Amazon reach out and remove some restrictions (one of our clients was able to process a shipment yesterday).

A key thing to note is that Prime Delivery, and the convenience of that service, form the building blocks of Amazon’s success. Moving forward, the Merchant Fulfilled model across the board would not be sustainable or favourable for Amazon.

If you’re considering making this change, and you’re uncertain about whether it’s the correct move to make at this time, get in touch. We can look at your business on a granular level to ensure you are making the right choice.