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When you sell products on Amazon, you need to optimize your listings, so they appear at the top of relevant search results. Amazon uses keywords to help your listings appear in the right search results. As a result, backend keywords play a huge role in optimizing your Amazon listing to attract more people to your product.

Choosing the right backend keywords for your listings is just as important as adding them in your title and bullet points.

Now let’s learn more about Amazon advertising: what exactly do we mean by backend keywords?

Backend keywords are those keywords that appear in the backend of your listing, meaning that your audience will never see these keywords on your page, but your page will still rank more.

If you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), you have experience with conducting keyword research to find the right keywords for your website. Keywords are a crucial part of finding products on Amazon’s sites. And, just like any other search engine, Amazon uses keywords to help products appear in relevant search results.

Adding backend keywords can help your business appear in more search results. This will also help you put more keywords in the backend and add only a few optimised keywords for your product description and features.

Follow these simple steps on how to place your keywords in the backend.

  • Log into your seller account.
  • Click the “inventory” tab in the top header.
  • Click on a product “Edit” tab.
  • Click on “keywords” tab. Here you will find “Search Terms” section.

Few tips Amazon provides for entering the backend search terms.

  • Separate the keywords with spaces. The spaces and punctuation between the keywords do not contribute to the word length.
  • No need to repeat keywords; once is enough.
  • Do not duplicate content present in other attributes, such as title and bullet points.
  • Keep the length of the keywords within the prescribed limit. (The standards are mentioned above) Amazon also hints that it might reject the entire copy on exceeding the limits.
  • Avoid keywords that are irrelevant, misleading. Avoid terms that are offensive and abusive in nature.
  • Do not include brand names (even your own) or other product identifiers.

Now let’s take a look at what you should do when adding backend search terms.

  • Use a single space to separate keywords.
  • Wherever possible enter the phrases in the logical order of search.
  • List alternative names.
  • Do include synonym versions of your keywords.

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