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Amazon Live Stream

This year, Amazon unnoticeably introduced a new streaming service that allows brand sellers to advertise and demonstrate products via a live stream broadcast on Amazon, throwing a huge blow at live-stream shopping giants such as QVC.  

The new Amazon feature allows brand owners on Amazon’s marketplace to increase sales, brand visibility and promote product usability. Product ASINs can be linked directly below your video allowing the advertised product to be easily navigated and purchased by viewers. The live stream also allows you to promote discount codes for products on sale, broadening the possibilities of new marketing tactics and selling methods. 

 What to expect?  

When exploring the interface of Amazonlive advertising streams, you will find videos that are either currently livestreamed or replay-able livestreamed content that happened hours-to-days ago.  Yet in its infant stage, the value of the new Amazon Live service is obvious as products can be explained, utilised, demonstrated and discussed between shoppers and yourself. Amazon Seller ‘Watch Ya Mouth’ claims that Amazon Live has helped increase daily visits to their product detail page by 5x and led to a significant increased their sales. 

 Amazons’ aim for Sellers is to be able to reach more shoppers on the marketplace and build brands through interactive livestreams. But, like a live home shopping channel, Amazon Live only allows you to advertise and promote products sold on the Amazon marketplace.  

 Does that mean we have to be techsavvy to utilise this new platform offered by Amazon 

 No, the content needed for the live stream can be personally curated by an Amazon talent or independently by brand owners, who want to take control of their live stream.  

 Currently, there is no navigation tab on the Amazon marketplace to direct you to the live stream feature of Amazon. To explore this new feature, go to to access all current promotional streams. Do note that Amazon Live Creator is only available for iOS Apple devices currently and brand registered sellers on Amazon.  

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