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As a brand on Amazon, one of the most significant issues are the rise of counterfeit goods flooding the marketplace. In this blog, we will take a look at what Project Zero is, how it works to protect your brand. 

What is Project zero?  

Amazon Project zero is an initiative launched in November 2019 aimed at rolling out a self- service tool to eliminate counterfeit products on the site. Once approved, brands that join the project will be able to directly flag and remove copycat listings of their products on Amazon on their own.  

Project Zero is an important step forward for marketplace brand protection. Previously companies who find fake versions of their listings would have to send a request to Amazon, who would then review the claim and take appropriate steps. Now, though, companies that are part of Project Zero will have the power to remove products on their own without Amazon’s approval, marking a massive shift in how the company has managed this process. 

How Amazon Project Zero Works 

Along with the self-service tool, Amazon will be rolling out two other aspects of the program, and these are the enhanced automated protection system and product serialization. 

  • Automated protections: Using Amazon’s machine learning and product data provided by your brand, automated protections can scan 5 billion daily listing updates to detect and remove suspected counterfeit products. 
  • Product Serialization: Brands can attach a unique code to each product, which lets Amazon scan and confirm that it’s unique. This feature will also feed data into their Automated Protections System. Expect this to cost around $0.01-0.05 per product.  

 At the moment, Project Zero is an invite-only program, so Amazon approved brands will be allowed to join. Brands will also have to maintain a high accuracy to keep their privileges. 

At the moment, Project Zero is an invite-only program; Brands must have a registered trademark and enrolled in the brand registry. Once approved, brands will also have to maintain a high accuracy to keep their privileges.  

The goal of Project Zero is to be available to all certified brands. Currently, over 7,000 brands have already enrolled in Project Zero across the United States, Europe and Japan, as well as several Indian brands. So, it’s worth it to keep an eye out for developments in the upcoming months.