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The Amazon listing or product detail page is the place to show consumers why they should purchase your products.

Amazon has some specifications on how to style product detail pages and information to include; however, a few insider tips can help you boost your Amazon listings to take them from adequate to outstanding.

Your listing’s two main components are the above-the-fold content, including the title, bullet points, and images; and below the fold: product description, and A+ content. This blog gives you tips for each component so that your Amazon listings will attract, educate and convert your target consumers.

Amazon Product Listings 

Your product listing page is the page on Amazon dedicated to a single product. Here you have the opportunity to tell consumers about your product: list features and benefits, show them what the product is through images and how to use it, and create a title that will draw attention and rank on the Amazon search results page.

Tips for creating your Amazon product listing


The title of your product listings page is an essential element of your listing. The title tells the consumer that they have found what they are looking for by mentioning the brand, product attributes, and, most importantly, keywords. 

  • Do Amazon SEO research and choose two or three high traffic, relevant keywords
  • List important and relevant product attributes 
  • Include the brand and size
  • Stay within the 200 character limit 

Bullet Points

Bullet points on an Amazon listing show consumers what your product is and how it makes their lives easier. We suggest using five bullet points to highlight the product features target consumers most care about and that will help them understand why your product is more suitable for them than a competitor’s product.

  • Research information about your product consumers find most relevant
  • Choose five features that best explain your product
  • List the feature and then explain its benefit
  • Provide enough information with the 250 character limit (for each bullet point)

Images and video 

Most people need visuals to understand what a product is and how it will make their life better. Amazon allows you to use both images and video in your product listing that show the product’s main features and how it helps your target consumer.

  • Create a high-quality main image on a white background
  • Use a mix of high-quality product and lifestyle images
  • Include infographic-style images where possible that list benefits
  • Include a video that explains how to use your product or how it fits into the lives of consumers

Amazon Listing: Product Description and A+ Content

When you scroll down on an Amazon product listing, you’ll find the product description and A+ content. These features provide additional information on the product to help confirm consumers’ decision to purchase. 

Tips for creating your Amazon product description and A+ content

Product description

The product description provides additional information about the product that the bullet points do not. Here you can expand on some benefits, talk about the brand, and include other relevant information to encourage purchases.

  • Include only information pertinent to your target consumer
  • Ensure that it adds additional value to the information already listed in the bullet points
  • Write it like you are talking to the consumer keeping your brand style in tone in mind
  • Stay within the 1000 character limit

A+ Content 

A+ content is one of the most exciting listing features. However, to utilise it, you need Amazon Brand Registry. Once you have that, you can create stunning designs that further illuminate your brand and product’s unique selling features. Think of it as a pamphlet on your listing page: one that contains high-quality product shots, lifestyles that show the consumer how your product fits into and improves their lives, branding, and persuasive copy. 

  • Use high-quality images
  • Use a mix of product and lifestyle shot
  • Plan your layout – take the consumer on a journey 
  • Use persuasive copy – keep brevity in mind
  • Ensure it follows your branding guidelines

RT7Digital specialises in content creation for Amazon listings, and we have a dedicated content team that writes copy, creates images, and designs A+ content. If this is not your area of expertise, contact us for a free Amazon audit to help you gain more traffic to your Amazon product listings. 

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