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Every brand has a story that makes them unique and sets them apart from their competitors. We have always stressed the importance of Amazon sellers telling the story of their brand to shoppers to increase trust, awareness, and brand loyalty. There are many benefits of showing your customers who you are and why your brand is different.

Telling Your Brand Story

Storytelling has been around for thousands of years to simplify and put across an otherwise lengthy version of an event, person, or place. In the world we live in today, we consume, interpret and store information in large amounts, and in order for you and your brand to stand out from the tons of data found on the internet, you need to have a story worthy of being remembered, recalled and retold.

Indeed, our brains respond to content by looking for the story that explains the situation. Storytelling is a powerful communication and connection tool because:

  • Stories simplify the complex.
  • Stories are more memorable.
  • Stories conjure emotion.

Building Your Brand Using Amazon Brand Story

Let’s start with setting it up 

Adding your Brand Story is a quick and easy process. Follow the steps below to start yours today!

  1. Log into your Seller Central Account and select “A+ Content Manager”
  2. Select “Start Creating A+ Content”
  3. You will see two options, select “Create Brand Story”

Once you are on the Brand Story screen you will see a list of questions that will help shoppers get to know you and your brand better. I suggest writing the answers in the first person and try to get to the heart of why you started this brand and why they should be committed to your products.

Once you are happy, select “review & submit” to have a read over and see what it will look like. Assign the relevant ASINs and submit them.

The final result will display above your A+ Content on the detail page.