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Amazon Plus

E-commerce or Bust

The e-commerce channel has become an essential mix for any retail channel strategy and Amazon cannot be ignored as part of that mix. Register your clients, list their products, and drive advertising campaigns for them on Amazon, whilst your agency enjoys increased revenue and a new offering without barely lifting a finger. Engage in a Joint Venture with RT7Digital, one of the United Kingdom’s leading Amazon specialist marketing agencies, and offer your clients an opportunity to reap the benefits of having a presence on the Amazon marketplace

Passive income for your agency.

Add to your service offering, thereby differentiating yourself from other agency offerings.

Offer your clients new ways to increase their business revenue and brand exposure.

Reasons to Believe (Historical Success)

We have worked with some of the UK’s largest traditional advertising agencies by offering their clients the chance to market and sell their products on the Amazon marketplace.

These partnerships have seen us introduce over 10 brands to Amazon across several categories, from large book publishers and camera producers, to nutritional products.

Success includes launching brands into new regions and marketplaces, increasing share of voice and shelf, brand awareness, brand defence, and increasing revenue for some brands by 300%.

Because of this unique partnership, these agencies have enjoyed considerable share of wallet from the client which ranges from retainer income and paid media spend, to sticky services that are continuously added.

UK is the 3rd largest e-commerce market in the world

Over the last two years Amazon has experienced the biggest growth in its history

By 2025 the e-commerce market share will have tripled globally

The Battle of Words – Translation or Transcreation

The Battle of Words – Translation or Transcreation

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Premium A+ is Now Available Free of Charge on Amazon!

Premium A+ is Now Available Free of Charge on Amazon!

Are you interested in getting approx. £250,000 per annum worth of access to Amazon's extensive library of Premium A+ modules at no extra cost? As it turns out, Amazon has launched a promotion whereby you can access Premium A+ at no additional charge. Learn about all...

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What is the Amazon Born To Run Programme?

What is the Amazon Born To Run Programme?

The Born To Run programme is a Vendor-specific business accelerator that allows Vendors to launch new products quickly. It has the potential to kickstart your Amazon's flywheel effect and potentially succeed with Amazon listings faster without waiting to increase...

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We ensure your campaigns are running effectively

We direct customers to your fully optimised product pages

We help you achieve a positive ‘return on advertising spend’

We take control of the Amazon channel and tell your brand story