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Google dominated the search engine market for years being the go-to resource for most consumers around the world. Whether you were doing research on the best products available, wanted to actually buy them or service providers, Google was your first stop. Until Amazon came along.

Amazon is now the biggest shopping search engine in the world with a very unique audience. An audience of eager, purchase-ready consumers which means – a greater return on advertising investment.

Google AdWords was first introduced in 2000 and has since become the only platform for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising for the search engine. Because of the huge amount of advertisers on AdWords, there is a tremendous amount of competition, which leads to a high PPC advertising spend.

On the other hand, Amazon Marketing Services is relatively new and launched in 2012. Amazon Management Services has not developed a massive advertiser user base as compared to Google AdWords, yet!

But this is an advantage for advertisers because there is less competition within Amazon as an advertising platform which results in a significantly lower cost per click.

Since Amazon is a massive online retailer for consumer products, there is no competition from service providers and related advertisers. For example, an advertiser selling laundry detergent and bidding on the broad match keyword ‘laundry’ on Google AdWords will need to compete with not only other laundry detergent brands but also advertisers for services like laundry pick-up.

According to a survey, 55% of people living in the United States start their online shopping journey on Amazon which is an increase of 25% compared to 2016.

If you are looking at getting your business selling on Amazon, browse our portfolio section of our website and find out how we helped other businesses just like yours to take advantage of the growth the retail giant has to offer.

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