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As we get into the second half of June, it’s historically been that time for us to turn our attention to Prime Day. But in the midst of a pandemic and unrest around the world, Amazon appears ready to pull back its annual summer shopping event to later in the year than ever before. The latest reports seem to point to this year’s big sale popping up in September, just 2-months before Black Friday.

Prime Day has long been held around the second Tuesday in July. This year, however, it appears to be a certainty that Amazon will be moving off this usual date to later in the year.

Initial reports suggested Prime Day taking place in August however, the date has seemed to be pushed back a few more weeks. This means that Amazon Prime Day 2020 may just take place in September, 2 months before Black Friday.

When will Prime Day be announced?

At this point, with all that has been happening in 2020, who knows when the official announcement will be made. Historically, Prime Day is announced a week or two before the event is set to kick off.

All we can do at this point is to audit our listings, fix any issues on our top selling products and replenish stock where necessary. in this way when Prime Day is announced, we are ready to turn on advertising campaigns in order to capitalise on the spike in traffic.

The Prep Starts Now!

Let us help you optimise your listings ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2020. Here is how we can assist:

Extensive Keyword Research

See the most relevant, high-volume, high-opportunity terms for your product. Our team of copywriters conducts the in-depth product, market, and keyword research to get inside the mind of your customers.

Titles, Bullet Points and Product Descriptions

Show up in search and convince shoppers to click with powerful titles designed to maximize keyword exposure and conversion and expertly designed bullet points beautifully accentuate your product’s key selling points and contribute to increasing keyword exposure in organic search.

Intrigued? Contact us today to discuss your Amazon presence and what we can do for you.