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Nike ends its long-term relationship with e-commerce giants, Amazon

Nike began officially selling on Amazon in 2017 after consumers frustrations of buying counterfeit Nike products on Amazon. The decision was made in an effort to curb the counterfeit merchants and hope to put a strict hand on counterfeit merchants, sadly, that’s not how the partnership turned out.

Nike conducted some e-commerce experiment and found that by focusing on its own e-commerce division, its online sales grew by an impressive 43%.

What does this mean for Amazon? This empowers smaller consumer-facing companies and bigger brands to not rely on Amazon as an e-commerce channel. If big brands on Amazon take the same approach as Nike, Amazon will suffer a massive loss and soon look at being competitors with former brand partners.

Gates Vs Bezos

Jeff Bezos Loses to Bill Gates

It’s the first time over two years the co-founder of Microsoft reaches the top of the wealth chain as Worlds Richest Person in the world. Sadly, not too long after, a day exactly, Mr Bezos reclaimed his spot becoming the world richest person in the world. Earlier this year, Mr Bezos had a financial wake up when he went through a rather expensive divorce with his former wife of nearly 25 years. The divorce cost the Amazon CEO roughly $30 Billion dollars and almost cost Mr Bezos his title of World richest.

Earlier in November, Bill Gates’ co-Founded Company Microsoft, beat Amazon for a $10 billion cloud computing Pentagon deal for project JEDI. The JEDI contract is part of a broader digital modernization of the Pentagon meant to make it more technologically agile. Microsoft shares went up by 3% after the news hit the fan, and Amazon’s shares went down by 0.92%. The Pentagon released a claim stating they plan to aware future cloud deals to multiple contractors in the future.

It’s Q4 and that means its Peak season at Amazon

Its peak season on Amazon as Black Friday and Christmas approaches. We all know Amazon for its brilliant marketplace and e-commerce service that is available to us, but what does this mean for Amazon employees, what is “Peak Season” like?

The peak season for Amazon employees means long hours, hard work and harder decision making. This year Amazon promised its Prime member even faster delivery service compared to last year. Instead of two-days shipping, some packages will arrive at a Prime Member customers door in only one day. Turn around time is Amazons biggest pride as they continue to boast of their service speeds. Can you imagine the havoc at Amazon warehouses and delivery team during this peak time?