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Comprehensive research is the first step in any successful strategy but it can be tedious and time-consuming. Whether its research for finding your next best-selling product or how to beat your competitors in a fierce market and outrank them by using the right keywords – these are the fundamentals of Amazon research.

Once you have investigated the micro factors of your business we can move further down the research line and discover what market environment looks like and who are the people looking for your products.



What are consumers searching for? How many times do they search? What terms do they use to search?

These questions need to be answered to effectively optimise Amazon content. They will determine what information is placed in your product title, bullet points, and product description. These words and/or phrases can be a mixture of both long and short-tail keywords in order to maximise the possibility of your brand and product being found.

We have come up with a formula:

Short-tail keywords: 40%

Medium-tail keywords: 30%

Long-tail keywords: 30%

By using this strategy we hit the high-volume, broad keywords in the form short-tail while increasing ranking stability for medium and long-tail keywords which are more specific to your product.

Getting your keywords right also means less work when it comes to creating your Amazon campaigns.

Note* Negative search terms are just as important as targeted keywords. These are terms which you DON’T want to be found for.


Once we have concluded the initial keyword research, we then search for those terms on the Amazon platform and see which products pop up for these search terms – at first glance, they would be your competitors.

So now that we know who your competitors are, we can look a little deeper to gather valuable insights into what works and what does not. From the competitor research, we are able to gather how long the competitor listings have been established on Amazon, product review quantity (which contributes to conversion),  product review quality (which really contributes to conversion) and pricing strategy.

Now that we have found products similar to your offering in terms of product parity, we move on to the next step which is….


This part of the research is the most important as it could determine whether or not you will be successful in terms of sales and profitability on Amazon. Far too many times have we come across a client who has a product listed in the incorrect node (a category on Amazon) which has impacted visibility, and most importantly, sales.

Node research stems off of competitor research because now that we know who your competitors are, we can find out in which node their products are placed and determine whether this will be a good fit for your product and brand.

We can gauge the barriers to entry, competitiveness of the category based on the number of competitors, number of sales within the node, the estimated revenue which will guide our strategies.


Amazon disrupted the retail market with sheer innovation and constantly evolving to deliver outstanding service. More than 50% of all product searches in the USA and UK start on Amazon. But not only do they start on Amazon, but the type of consumers attracted to the search giant is also more likely to conclude their purchase on the same day.

Are you taking advantage of this?

We have a team of researchers, account managers, and digital experts to guide you through listing your products on Amazon. Give us a call or email us to discuss the future of your business on Amazon.