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We have noticed that there’s never been a conversation about retail readiness. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry we have laid out all of the elements and checklist you should be going over right now in order to ensure your brand is retail-ready on Amazon.  

When the products you are selling on Amazon are considered “retail-ready”, it means their product detail pages include all the necessary information for a customer to make a purchase. Pretty vague, right? Let’s drill deeper into what that looks like 

For your product to be retail ready, you must look at things such as customer reviews, clear pictures and description, stock availability and so much more.  

The Retail Readiness Checklist 

Product Images 

Since customers are not in a store, the product images are the best place for customers to see the product. Make sure you have images that contain additional views and angles, key features, lifestyle images, and even videos. The image should also match the product and be clear and professional. 

Customer Ratings & Reviews 

The star rating and review count is valuable to Amazon shoppers because it builds credibility and trust with your brand. To be retail ready an ASIN should have a star rating of 3.5 stars or more and at least 15+ customer reviews. If you need more reviews, the Amazon Early Reviewer Program (for Sellers) and Amazon Vine (for Vendors) can help you gain more reviews, so you’re retail ready for Amazon Advertising. 

Product Title & Description 

To be retail ready, the title and description should accurately describe the product and include key descriptive features. Key descriptive features include size, colour, and size packs. Get creative in the product description and let your customers know of all the great features your product has! 


This section tells customers if the item is available to purchase. Ensure your inventory is always on hand. If a product has no inventory it will deter customers away from your brand.   

The Buy Box  

The buy box is where customers click the add to cart to purchase the product. The winner of the buy box receives credit for the sale. If you’re a vendor, winning the buy box is indicated when the item is sold by Amazon. If you are a seller, the item will be sold by your company and fulfilled by Amazon (if you use the FBA model).

For Sponsored Product ads, if you don’t have the buy box, the ASIN will be paused in all campaigns.  

A+ Content  

A+ Content, previously known as Enhanced Brand Content is available to both sellers and vendors. This is a customisable section that can be used to create positive customer experiences that empower shoppers with enough information to make an informed buying decision. This section includes features such as images, charts and comments to enhance the way your product information is displayed.  

Now you know that in order for your brand t be retail ready, you have to review the checklist above and ensure that you are using Amazon’s best practices to maximise not only organic sales but also sales attributed through Amazon.