Build brand trust, showcase your product ranges and establish your brand

Storefronts are like a mini catalogue websites on Amazon that are linked to a specific brand. Storefronts are great for showing your customer what other products you offer and to help them really buy into your brand. It is important to keep brand consistency with your actual website and ensure easy navigation so customers can explore your brand and product.

Build Your Brand On Amazon

A storefront allows you to brand your page with company logo’s, colours, and images. This adds a personal touch and makes your brand stand out among thousands on the Amazon portal.

Custom Layouts

Aside from the 4 layout templates provided by Amazon, you can customise your storefront layout to match your website or create a new look and feel for your brand on Amazon.

Add Your Product & Promotions

We design and build Amazon storefronts based on client preferences and data. Highlighting an even split between new collections and products and top selling products based on insights.

  • Amazon Storefronts, What Are They?

    Launched early 2018 in the USA, the new service allows customers to purchase products exclusively from the nearly 20,000 small and medium-sized businesses across the United States selling on Amazon. Amazon storefronts are a catalogue that displays only the products you want, in the order and layout you want while providing valuable information to Amazon customers. […]

  • How To Survive The Era Of Amazon

    As Amazon continues to dominate the e-Commerce space, brands need to begin selling on Amazon to maintain relevance, grow their market share and get back into the green.

    With one-click shopping, 90% of consumers still check Amazon even if they find a product they want on a retailers site.
    Amazon’s dominance has led smaller brands to rethink […]

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