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Over the next few months, sellers may notice changes in Amazon’s advertising platforms. Amazon has planned to roll out changes in advertising in Seller Central. All advertising management—including sponsored ads campaigns, stores, and reports—will move from Seller Central to the advertising console, which can be accessed from the Amazon Advertising website.

These changes have been made to simplify and enhance the user experience. Moving all advertising management to one place will provide a more cohesive view of your campaign options, so you can find what you need faster and advertise more efficiently.

Below we discuss some of the features to look out for:

Easy Navigation

When you sign into the advertising console, you will find a new vertical dropdown menu that offers quick access to campaigns, stores, reports, and bulk operations so you can find what you need faster. In addition, your billing and payment methods will also be located in a single, centralized location.

This transition should be seamless because you will be able to easily access the advertising console from the menu in Seller Central, and return to Seller Central at any time from the advertising console navigation. Also note that Your sign-in information will remain the same, so no need to create a separate account.

New notification and support features

  • Real-time notifications: This allows you to access campaign data in real time, allowing you to react more quickly.
  • Designated location for support: You’ll have a dedicated location to receive support from advertising specialists. Advertising cases will be visible in both Seller Central and in the advertising console.
  • Easy Account Management: You will now be able to access all permitted accounts within a region will help you manage your clients’ accounts within the interface more efficiently.

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