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Amazon Training

Knowledge is power

We have a highly specialised team of experts that have been working in the Amazon environment for years. We can offer you a number of training programmes to help your business win in this complicated, ever-changing environment.

Saving you time

Saving you money

Ensuring your business is always on

Programmes Include:


i. General account overview – primarily for new Vendors

Order processing (Office)

i. Best practices for order acceptance
ii. Logistics training
iii. Amazon ordering less than expected

Logistics (Warehouse)

i. Information required on shipment
ii. Optimisations to reduce cost
iii. SOPs – documentation/labels

Finance (Office, Finance Team)

i. Best practices
ii. Provision for receivables
iii. Invoicing finance
iv. Reconciliation
v. Financial scorecard

How do we do it?

We will assign an RT7Digital account-specific expert to review your account and interview key members of the team responsible for supporting the platform and processes. Once we have completed the needs analysis, we will recommend programmes which will upskill the team.

The Battle of Words – Translation or Transcreation

The Battle of Words – Translation or Transcreation

There are a few important terms to know and understand regarding international business, such as the difference between Translation and Transcreation. Why is this important for Amazon sellers looking to do business in other countries to understand? Here is why: The...

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Premium A+ is Now Available Free of Charge on Amazon!

Premium A+ is Now Available Free of Charge on Amazon!

Are you interested in getting approx. £250,000 per annum worth of access to Amazon's extensive library of Premium A+ modules at no extra cost? As it turns out, Amazon has launched a promotion whereby you can access Premium A+ at no additional charge. Learn about all...

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What is the Amazon Born To Run Programme?

What is the Amazon Born To Run Programme?

The Born To Run programme is a Vendor-specific business accelerator that allows Vendors to launch new products quickly. It has the potential to kickstart your Amazon's flywheel effect and potentially succeed with Amazon listings faster without waiting to increase...

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We ensure your campaigns are running effectively

We direct customers to your fully optimised product pages

We help you achieve a positive ‘return on advertising spend’

We take control of the Amazon channel and tell your brand story