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Internet advertising is not much of a competitive space. Google and Facebook have become the internet ad-duopoly by controlling over 60% of internet advertising spend. This internet ad dominance could, however, be short-lived.

Amazon is gaining momentum and could be paving its way to the top of global ad spend. JP Morgan estimated that in 2017, Amazon’s ads business brought in $2.8bn and that by 2019 that figure will soar to $6.6bn. This figure still remains shy of those of ad giants Facebook and Google, however, their growth rate is still nothing shy of spectacular.

The Future, now.

Amazon is also ahead with its Alexa-powers Amazon Echo, which could provide a springboard for Voice Ads, delivered right to users. Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based intelligent assistant which seeks to deliver a more intuitive way for consumers to interact with technology. Currently, Alexa provides users with products which have high user ratings and those that are available on amazon prime, this, however, will offer a unique space for brands to advertise their products.

The latest data tells us that 16% of Americans now have smart speakers, this figure has surged 128% since January 2017. At this rate, voice ads are certain to become the new trend. They will allow for brands to deliver one, clear and uncluttered message directly to the consumer.

The delivery of these ads is expected to work in a similar fashion to that of paid search ads whilst building up detailed customer profiles to ensure highly targeted ads.

So as the world of audio makes its way back, the world of advertising could be in for a bit of a stir.

How We Can Help You

At RT7 digital we realise the power of Amazon and that’s why we offer an Amazon management service.

Our Amazon management service entails:

Product optimization and uploads – we will optimize your listings so that Amazon can easily search find your products listing it on the first results page – which could lead to a voice ad in the not too distant future.

Adverting – we will create sponsored ad campaigns, headline search ads, storefronts and enhanced brand content for your brand, ensuring the highest ROI on your advert spend.

Customer Service – Amazon takes customer service management very seriously and any seller or vendor that does not have a responsive customer service management can be blocked. At RT7 Digital we can take care of this process for you.

Reviews – getting reviews on products can often control purchase intent from customers when browsing your listing. We have a system in place to obtain customer reviews within Amazon’s reviews terms and guidelines.

Amazon is making headway in the space if digital advertising, while they are still shy of the mark set by Facebook and Google, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Find out more about our Amazon management service or Contact us on 087 151 4637 or drop us an email on to start your new project.