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Amazon Vine is an internal service of that allows manufacturers and publishers to receive reviews for their products on Amazon.

Customer reviews play an important role when it comes to sales on Amazon marketplace. Since consumers cannot physically inspect the product while shopping online, Amazon product review is the one they can trust in order to judge a product. Shoppers want to hear what other customers are saying in order to make informed buying decisions.

It can be a challenge to get those first few customer reviews when launching new products on Amazon. On the seller side, brands have the Early Reviewer Program or can request reviews by making direct contact with the buyer, as long as it adheres to Amazon’s policies. On the vendor side, direct contact with the end consumer is not possible. This makes it even more difficult to get those first few reviews.

To help vendors, Amazon has the Vine program, which is trusted customer review program only available to manufacturers or distributors that have a vendor relationship with Amazon. Vendors send a limited number of free units of an item in to Amazon in exchange for a review. The program is accessible via Vendor Central and vendors must pay a fee to enroll products into the program. The program gives vendors guaranteed, credible reviews from Amazon’s Vine Voices.

Why Invest in Amazon Vine?

A study shows that 90% of consumers read product reviews. Reviews can greatly influence the customer’s buying decision. It helps give the buyer confidence, determine the best product for them and can distinguish items from the competition. This in turn helps conversion and sales.

With the Vine program, there is a limit on the number of products that can be reviewed of the same SKU. Amazon recommends sending in at least 5 units with a maximum limit of 30 units. The quality of the review is far more important than quantity. A detailed, informative review explaining the item in detail is of more value than 10 reviews that have a few words saying “item is great” telling the customer very little about the actual product.

Who Should Participate in Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is an invite-only program and is exclusively available to Vendors. This program is recommended for vendors with new products or items that have few reviews and are struggling to generate sales. With the Vine Program, there is no guarantee that the products will receive positive reviews. Vine Voices will leave honest, unbiased feedback. You want to ensure you are confident you have a great product before putting it in the hands of public critics.

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