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If you have searched for a product online, chances are you have seen and likely even, clicked on a google shopping ad. These visual product ads have been populating our google search results for some time now. How do they compare to Amazon sponsored products and which type of ad is best for you?


Almost as easy to set up as an Amazon Sponsored Product, Google Shopping Ads require Google Merchant Centre, verification of e-commerce website ownership and a Google Ads account.

Once you have set up google shopping ads, your products will show to consumers who search terms are most relevant. The information shown to consumers will include the product in=mage, Name, Price, Store name, User Ratings and additional info such as discounts and coupon codes.


Amazon sponsored products are very similar to google shopping ads. They include the same information as well as additional Amazon Prime information where applicable.

To set up Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, you’ll need to have a professional seller account with Amazon which will incur a monthly fee. This, however, will ensure that you get a fully encompassing package which allows you to advertise your products on the world’s biggest product search engine.


Google Shopping ads are ads which will direct consumers directly to your e-commerce website, while with Amazon, you won’t need a website and your product will be displayed to high quality, intending-to-purchase consumers.

Google shopping is available in 46 countries, while Amazon sponsored products are only available in 10 countries. This is a clear plus for Google who has over 1,2 Trillion searches per year. Amazon is not one to be held down through, over 50% of consumers will begin searching for products through Amazon.

When it comes to Ad competition, Amazon is a far less crowded space meaning that there is a slightly lower cost involved. Furthermore, Amazon allows you a higher degree of control over your ads.

Due to the span of Google operation, Google Shopping Ads will allow you to boost brand awareness and retarget to those consumers. Amazon sponsored ads rely on the product brand name to catch the attention of the consumer, this means that your brand will not be front and centre of the consumers’ search.

What’s Right For You

Amazon and Google are both very powerful search engines that can get your products in front of the right audience. The right channel for you will depend on many factors such as your audience, your budget, the type of product and your sales channels. If you’re interested in boosting your sales through Amazon or Google Shopping Ads, we’re here to help. Chat with us on 087 151 4637 or alternatively, drop us a mail at and we will get back to you.