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Welcome to the new world of Amazon Ad Retargeting!

Sponsored Displayed Ads is a new advertising program by Amazon, that allows Sellers to create display campaigns within minutes and with a budget of any size. Currently, in beta mode, the Amazon Sponsored Ads marketing tool has been made available for all Brand Owned Sellers on both Seller and Vendor Central. Unfortunately, the new feature is only available to Sellers in the US.

Sponsored Displayed Ads is unique and powerful at targeting the right audiences on and off Amazon.

So, how does this change the advertising game on Amazon?

Well, now thanks to Amazon Sponsored Display ads. Brand owners can target audiences, these audience groups are created by Amazons’ AI and algorithms, allowing you to retarget consumers who were previously on your product listing page, brand page, complimentary product listings or competitor product listings. This new advertising tool can play an essential role in brand awareness by keeping your brand on top of the consumers’ mind through retargeting with Amazons Sponsored Displayed Ads on and off Amazon.

Gain a bigger share of your market with new targeting and placement opportunities

Sponsored Display Ads are essential for targeting markets and audiences. The main placement positions most Sellers will probably contend for most are the spots outside of Amazon.  These placement opportunities are displayed on websites off Amazon but limited to Amazon-owned/shared pages and websites.

How does Sponsored Displayed Ads Work?

Well, firstly, from the Seller’s side there is not much to be done. Amazon curates a creative ad for you, using your products Title and Reviews as the main contributors for the advertisement. Note, you need to be a brand owned registered seller to benefit from this platform.

Through the AMS, the Seller will have no control over the targeted audience or furthering your audience by filtering them. It’s all up to Amazon’s AI and smart algorithm to optimise and target the appropriate audience for your products.

The only current downfall about this platform is that Sellers are not able to refine their audience target by certain actions, behaviours or metrics. However, Amazon Sponsored Displayed Ads are still in its infant stage and we can only expect it to develop and expand on its functionality, targeting control and advanced metrics it will bring to the advertising realm.