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Amazon is back at it again – this time with a bang! It is not news that the online retail giant did attempt to play in the social arena some years ago, but Amazon Spark (the retailer’s two-year-old Instagram competitor) shut down some months ago.

Let’s take a look at how Amazon describes their new “Posts” feature:

It appears that Amazon is trying to make shopping more engaging through the imminent launch of Amazon “Posts”, a new browse and discovery experience on Amazon focused on brand-shopping. Posts help shoppers discover new products and see what’s new from brands by browsing feeds of brand-curated content. Posts link to product detail pages, making each post in a feed shoppable, and each post includes category tags so shoppers can continue exploring posts in related categories.

Amazon Posts is currently in public beta and it features a carousel of square images that users can swipe to the right (and back) on. These carousels can be filled with client imagery designed to showcase the product in more inspiring and exciting ways. Basically, the same experience you’ve grown to love on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more; you’ll now get on Amazon.

How do Amazon Posts work?


How Will Amazon Posts Help Amazon Sellers? 

Amazon Posts will allow brands to duplicate what they’re doing on social media channels like Instagram within the Amazon marketplace. It will help your brand stand out from competitors and draw the attention of shoppers. Each brand is allowed to publish a stream of posts (image only for now) that are curated and controlled by the brand itself.  

While the content will initially be static images, should the beta be successful, video and larger images will likely be added. Its functionality is quite similar to a social media feed, the only difference is that the posts are not actually all that social, meaning you can’t share, compare or comment.  

How do I sign up for Amazon Posts? 

The Amazon Posts beta is currently limited to brands that own a Store on the US site. The beta is not open to international brands. 

If you qualify based on the above criteria, then you can sign up for Amazon Posts by performing the following steps: 


  1. Visit  
  1. Sign in using your existing Amazon advertising credentials 
  1. Create your profile  
  1. Verify your brand name 
  1. Upload your brand’s logo 

Once those steps are complete, you will be able to publish posts by uploading photos, captioning them and tagging related products.