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Defining Your Audience – Marketing Personas

What is a Marketing Persona?

A marketing persona is a compound framework for a particular portion of your

prospective target market. It is used to identify key external stakeholders
and the content with is most relevant and useful to them. Simply put, a
marketing persona is an ideation of the average target consumer.


Creating a Marketing Persona follows a general framework, which can be
adapted and scalable depending on the how in-depth or simplistic your
requirements are.


The framework usually has the following but is not limited to its’

  • Name
  • Job Title

o Key Company Details

o Key Role Details

  • Demographics

o Age

o Gender

o Salary/ Household Income

o Location: Urban/ Suburban/ Rural/ Fringe

o Education

o Family

  • Goals & Challenges

o Primary Goals

o Secondary Goals

o How to help Achieve these Goals?

o Primary Challenges

o Secondary Challenges

o How to help Overcome these Challenges?

  • Values & Fears

o Primary Values

o Primary Fears

Using these different aspects will help you to understand your target and
improve means and methods of delivering to them.


Creating a Persona

There are many areas of study into the best methods to creating a persona;
however, the choice is up to the orgaisation for which the personas are
created. One thing to remember is that you should treat the persona as
though it were a real person. Therefore, we give them a name – to humanize
both the prospective audience as well as your approach to this audience.

The right questions are the key to attaining the right answers.

Starting with People

Creating a persona is an ideation process. Marketers need to understand
that not everyone will buy into the product or service. Ideation will allow
for a diverse and in-depth persona creation process. Team ideation is the
most effective method to understand where people come from and the
demographics they have.

Starting with Data

Using data to understand your audience and create personas is a newer
stream of thought when it comes to personas. In the digital field,
information is almost infinite and using this information in the most
effective way can bring you one step closer to achieving your own goals.

Marketers use site analytics, social media research and surveys to attain
data which is then translated into highly-valuable information. This
information is also very direct as it deals with those interested in the
brand or organization.


Create – Evaluate – Recreate

As with many areas of marketing; trends, cultures, hobbies, and tastes can
change. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your personas.

A persona that has been created may not be as relevant as it was a year
ago. For this reason, evaluation is of high importance. Evaluating your
personas will allow you to redefine your most active, reachable and
responsive audience.

Once an evaluation is done, new data and information allows one to recreate
or at least modify their current personas to align them with the goals and
outlook of the brand or organisation.


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