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Not only do editorial recommendations give your product a prominent spot on the results page, but it supercharges your brand’s perceived legitimacy and value.

We’re pleased to announce our new offering, Editorial Recommendations, presented in partnership with HBW Commerce. In this blog post, we’ll expand on this exciting new service and talk about what it entails. 

First things first. What are Editorial Recommendations?

Editorial recommendations are articles written by a professional publisher about your product that show up on Amazon’s first page of search results when one of your product’s keywords is searched. They are distinct from organic listings and PPC sponsored listings.

Amazon has brought its most trusted publishers into the Amazon platform. Those publishers earn affiliate revenue, Amazon keeps customers from leaving the site to look for advice, and customers get curated choices with summarised reviews. In short, it is a way of making the customer’s buying decision simpler.

Editorial Recommendations could be described as a virtuous circle. Publishers and Amazon have no reason to promote poorly made or poorly supported products. Publishers recommend only products that are getting good reviews, staying in-stock, and achieving high sales volumes. Good performance is rewarded with more visibility, which in turn creates more performance. 

What exactly do Editorial Recommendations mean for Sellers?

When a product is mentioned by Editorial Recommendations, it will never be a negative comment. Editorial Recommendations will never have a negative impact on the products mentioned so sellers risk little.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how to get your product considered for Editorial Recommendations in the US and UK. Contact us on