Showcase Your Product & Brand With Rich Content

 A+ Content (Also known as Enhanced Brand Content previously for Sellers ) is all about adding rich content that helps sell trust, showcase your product USPs and cross sell your other products. A+Content give you an advantage over competitors selling similar products and can increase your conversion rates by 3%-10%. Elevate your listings by offering your customers a deeper understanding of your product through beautiful visuals, graphics and enticing text.

All About Visuals & Detailed Information

A+Content (formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content for sellers ) are kind of like a one page pamphlet that provides extra information about your brand, what makes your products great and any other information that can convince the potential customer that your product is right for them.

Increase Your Bottom Line

A+ Content (formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content for sellers) contribute to more sales and higher conversion rates. An increase in these measurements means that your listings rank will improve your products visibility on Amazon = more and more sales.

Layout, Designing and Implementation

Choosing the right A+ Content template to showcase your product, your brand and increases awareness takes careful crafting. It can be quite limited in design as you can only use predefined modules and only 5 modules per template, but that is where we come in.

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    Amazon Live Stream
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    The new Amazon feature allows brand owners on Amazon’s marketplace to increase sales, brand visibility and promote product usability. Product ASINs can be linked directly below your video allowing the advertised product to […]

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    Brand Registered Sellers, Meet Brand Analytics!
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    The usefulness and importance of the data given by Amazon’s […]

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