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What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed for brand owners to help enrol their brands with Amazon, to access enhanced features and have complete control over their brand. Brand Registry helps protect a registered trademark on Amazon. The enrolment to Brand Registry is a straightforward and one-time process.

As the name implies, Brand Registry is for sellers who are brand owners, manufacturers of products, and distributors or resellers who have written permission from the brand owner to oversee a specific product on Amazon. If you don’t fall into one of these three categories, you won’t be granted approval.

Why Enrol in the Amazon Brand Registry?

As a ‘regular’ Seller on Amazon, you’re bound pretty tightly to their algorithmic requirements. But if you decide to go the Amazon Brand Registry route, the requirements are somewhat loosened, and you can play around more with product titles, product details, product images, Amazon-issued product IDs and avoiding ones like UPCs and EANs and reducing matching errors that can occur during the listing process.

Sellers who qualify for this program are those who make their own products, those who are private label brand owners, traditional manufacturers, distributors with express permission to own a brand’s content on Amazon and lastly sellers that produce branded white label products.

Prove Your Ownership With Amazon Brand Registry

Registering your brand on Amazon is a great way to prove your ownership of the products you are selling. Once Amazon has approved your brand registry application, your products will be uniquely tied to your account and your brand will gain an added measure of protection on Amazon.

The Process in Registering and Listing Products

You can expect the whole process to get approved to take about two weeks, provided you give Amazon everything it needs for your brand. You will have to include a link to your own store where you’ve been selling the products up until this point.

While this is going on, you will have to choose whichever key attribute you will be using. You can either choose a catalogue number, manufacturer part number, model number or the style number. It is entirely up to you but remember, your decision based on which ever key attribute will never change and will always be easily identifiable to distributors and customers.

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