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Amazon has quickly become the top name in e-Commerce shopping but how has this all happened? Simple, by offering everything on earth. This has allowed them to successfully attract customers across the board, gained trust and deliver excellent service. So, as one who sells things online, could you afford to NOT be on Amazon?

As Amazon acquired more and more market share, they were forced to upgrade and improve their user interface and experience to create a seamless interaction between seller and their live product listings. Being the adaptive, ever-changing platform we know and love, it is no surprise that Amazon has made some major chances to the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) feature for sellers.

In a nutshell, Amazon has done away with the Enhanced Brand Content feature, and replaced it with the A+ Content Manager, for both Vendors and Sellers.

Changes for Vendor sand Sellers

Vendor Central has always had the A+ Content Manager, but now also have access to the Product Description, Company Logo, Standard Text and Image Header with Text modules, which were not available prior to these changes.

Seller Central will no longer have the Enhanced Brand Content option and will be fully replaced with the A+ Content Manager, with all the modules mentioned above.

What this means for Brands?

Even though it may seem like just a rebrand at first glance, there is a lot of speculation of Amazon’s end game. Considering the mysterious disappearance of product descriptions and the rumours of vendor purge, it is possible that that Amazon plans to forgo product descriptions as a separate field, and fully integrate them into A+ content. This means the A+ product description may begin to be crawled by Google, and maybe in future, Amazon’s search engine as well.

These most recent updates to Seller Central are just some of the many to surely come in the future. We look forward to seeing how Amazon continues to improve the experience for brands across the entire ecosystem.

For more information on the nature of A+ content and the former EBC, please refer to this link here.

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