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Going global? Pan-European FBA might be right for your business. In 2019, implementing Pan-European FBA as a fulfillment method can help you create a better experience for your European customers. The program helps you grow your business in your home marketplace and abroad, and by fulfilling and delivering orders at lower costs and in less time.

If you aren’t already selling overseas, Pan-European FBA will grant you fast access to European customers and all orders will be Prime-eligible in all five European marketplaces (the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain). Sellers must be eligible to sell product in each of these Amazon European marketplaces in order to enable Pan-European FBA.

The program also allows existing European Amazon sellers to reap the convenience and cost-saving benefits of FBA. With over 100 million Prime users globally, increasing visibility to that audience is essential, for they are more than twice as likely to shop online daily than non-Prime customers. The four reasons below detail why Pan-European FBA might be a good fit for your business.

Why Sell With Pan-European FBA?

  1. You will experience lower fulfillment costs than when selling via the EFN (European Fulfillment Network).

With Pan-European FBA, Amazon distributes your products across Europe at no additional cost.

  1. You have the capacity to reach millions of Prime customers regularly.

Pan-European FBA grants sellers access to these Prime users, Amazon’s most loyal customers across Europe.

  1. Faster deliveries increase customer satisfaction.

With inventory being stored close to customers, orders are fulfilled and delivered in less time than non-Pan-European FBA orders.

  1. You will have more time to focus on further expansion.

With the Pan-European FBA method, Amazon also facilitates customer inquiries, returns, and refunds, which is a major advantage to sellers as it saves time and boosts seller performance                 metrics.

Pan-European FBA is a great route to consider if you are selling on and looking to expand to Europe, or are an Amazon European seller looking to capture more conversions in neighboring countries.

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