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For many Amazon Sellers, Q4 is their most lucrative time of the year. This is when you can potentially double or even triple your business revenue. But it also takes a lot of work and planning, so we’ve put together seven Amazon selling tips just for you.

The months of October, November and December are filled with the biggest online shopping events (other than Prime Day, of course). Q4 holds Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the build-up to Christmas to mention a few.

Quick facts:

Fact #1: Consumer spending leading up to and on Christmas 2019 WILL surpass all old spending records if all goes according to Amazon’s plan.

Fact #2: Most of that spending will happen over the November and December 2019 period.

Fact #3: Retailers are set to battle it out with incredible sales and markdowns starting in October and running through Christmas

Now knowing the above “quick facts” on what to expect this Q4 on Amazon, we have compiled a list of things to look out for, consider and implement over this period.

Amazon’s busiest period is November to January

Although most of us think of October to December as the fourth quarter, in terms of Amazon sales, November to January is when things really happen for Amazon Sellers, so prepare yourself for a busy November and January.

Don’t focus too much on sales rank

We are constantly reminded that products that are perhaps ranked 200,000 to 300,000 through the rest of the year and only sell twice per month, might sell one per day during December. Toys are an obvious example here but there are plenty of products that will shift a lot more volume during the run-up to Christmas. Our tip would be to optimise your content for the holidays, implement campaigns and respond to each and every review.

Optimise your Amazon product listing

Make sure your product listings are optimised with all the bells and whistles. Q4 is not the time to be optimising content and doing A/B testing. The rest of the year is your time to learn and understand what strategies work and what do not.

By including keywords such as “gift”, “present”, “Christmas” in your product title, bullet point and potentially A+ Content, you stand a great chance of climbing up search ranking for these terms. Ideally, you would want your product information jazzed up towards mid-November which leaves you enough time to tweak and set up the below.

Promote products and optimise ads

Q4 is when you’re going to likely get the most visibility all year, so it’s doubly important to make the best possible use of that. Create ad campaigns so ads get to the most people as possible, but be careful not to overspend. Implementing ad’s for top selling products as soon as possible in the form of auto campaigns now will shed light on keywords you may have not found on your own.

Thereafter, you can create more tailored ads focused on top converting keywords as you enter Q4. Starting early can increase product sales ranks and be competitive right out of the gate so you can enjoy the rewards of acting early.

Be ready for just about anything

Expect the unexpected and continually monitor your sales and product listings. Be ready to shift a gear or change direction at any time. It is not a time to wait and review, it is a time to take action. If you don’t, your competitors will.

Whether you are a Seller or Vendor on Amazon, we can help get your listings up and running, ready to convert in Q4. Find more about what we can do by visiting our services page.

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