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An Amazon Seller or Vendor account is an incredible sales channel for your products. However, it comes with its own set of rules and limitations.

These rules that apply to an Amazon Seller and Vendor account can make it hard to keep them healthy and perform at their highest level. There are plenty of things that influence your account’s health, such as customer service performance, product compliance, delivery performance, product listings, stock levels, actively checking your account for flags, and following Amazon’s guidelines.

So, a ” finger on the pulse” approach is recommended. And this is where our operations team help our client’s. They consistently check on Amazon accounts to keep them in good standing with Amazon. When issues arise, we find a solution and ensure that clients’ accounts always perform at their highest level. Therefore, our experience has shown us a few things – insider tricks – and in this blog, we share them with you. 

Tips to keep your Amazon account performing

Amazon has some admin rules to ensure their customers have the best experience on the platform: Sellers and Vendors need to ensure that they remain compliant so that their listings and products meet the requirements that will make the shopping experience as seamless as possible. 

Here are our 6 tips for keeping your Amazon account and listings in front of consumers

  1. Verify your account selling account by submitting all the required documentation
  2. Ensure that all documentation submitted is valid and complies with Amazon’s policies
  3. Add products and classify product categories correctly
  4. Follow Amazon’s guidelines when writing copy and designing images for listings
  5. Ensure consistent stock levels, on-time shipping and on-time delivery
  6. Check your account regularly for flags that could lead to account deactivation/suspension and respond to issues immediately

How RT7Digital helps Amazon Sellers and Vendors

In our day to day dealing with Amazon, there are common issues we come across that affect our client’s Amazon business. These are: 

  • Content not reflecting on product detail pages
  • Brand registry issues
  • ASINS not linking to the brand or store
  • Old information reflecting on listings 
  • Low inventory and incorrect pricing
  • Variations issues
  • Promotions not running

These issues can cause your account to be flagged by Amazon and affect your sales and growth. 

That’s why there are 5 things we focus on daily to ensure you’re Amazon account remains compliant

  1. We maintain the Seller/Vendor’s Amazon profile by adding, deleting and editing listings and product variations
  2. Our team handles any queries about your accounts, such as suppressed listings, detail page removals or pricing issues
  3. We use our expertise to pinpoint problems and break them down to support in a digestible manner to get the correct response/resolution from support
  4. We log tickets with Amazon support and try to turn around solutions faster than Amazon’s standard 7 days
  5. Our team helps clients manage their inventory. We make recommendations based on your past month’s sales to create a shipment to ensure products always have stock based on the data pulled from the client’s Amazon profile 

If managing your Amazon account is becoming too time-consuming, contact us for a FREE audit – we can help.