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In a post-covid-19 world, eCommerce will be essential for brands looking to increase sales and grow their business without brick and mortar stores. In terms of eCommerce, Amazon is one of the largest retailing sites in the world, and positioning your brand correctly on Amazon is easier said than done 

When done correctly, there is no limit to the success that a brand can achieve on Amazon if they have the right strategy. When a brand decides to sell on Amazon, the inevitable question will pop-up: in-house or agency marketing?  

First of all, there is no right or wrong choiceThe answer depends on a variety of factors directly related to your business and where youre looking to take it in the future. Generally, the biggest deciding factor is the cost In-house teams are thought to be cheaper and agencies more expensive.  

 In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of both to help you choose the best fit for your brand.  

In-house Amazon Marketing Team

In-house marketing simply means that your marketing will be done by people who are hired and trained internally as part of your company or brand. 

The in-house approach is more common among small to mediumsized brands who sell a few products on Amazon. Your in-house specialists will have indepth knowledge of your products and business operations. 

To run an effective in-house Amazon specialist team, you will need to hire the right people, which can be a tedious process. This will require plenty of thought about what kind of skills are needed. A lot of investment is necessary to equip an in-house team with the training and tools that they need.  


  • Indepth knowledge of your products 
  • Indepth knowledge of your business operations  
  • An in-house team is potentially cheaper than an agency  


  • The cost of hiring, training, and equipping (software) in-house specialists may not be cheaper.   
  • It is rare to find an in-house specialist who is adept at all aspects of Amazon marketing. And if they are, it may be too much work for one person or one small group of people to handle. 
  • Skills and experience are important when trying to push a brand forward. But with the average skills and experience these individuals possess, the company can only grow to a certain extent. 
  • No relationship with Amazon. 
  • An in-house team would have to keep up with Amazon‘s policyprograms, and trends. 
  • Having a small in-house team could hamper scaling up your Amazon business successfully. 

Amazon Marketing Agency

Amazon marketing is very different from traditional or social media marketing. Amazon has its nuances/rules and strategies that are unique to the platform. An agency lives and breathes all things Amazon. To grow their own business, they need to keep an eye on changes and be thought leaders in their space. To be competitive, your in-house team would have to do the same. Its worth questioning if your team can do this? 


  • Established relationship with Amazon 
  • A vested interest in sales growth because both sides win. 
  • Agencies are equipped with a lot of resources that they use to perform their services effectively. They have the tools, experience, and team members necessary to fulfill your Amazon needs. 
  • They will be able to give your brand key insights and strategies in realtime using Amazon Marketing Services to push sales. 
  • An Amazon agency will help their clients execute customized Amazon strategies on time by seeing projects through from planning to execution. They have years of experience and can use that experience to minimize any roadblocks in the process. 
  • Creative thinking. Agencies are full of creative people and dynamic energy, which helps them take on new projects with ease and revitalize recurring projects with fresh perspectives. 


  • Your brand could lose a sense of involvement in the sales process 
  • They have too many clients. Regularly, they deal with a lot of clients, which can make it difficult for them to put their full time and attention on your projects. 
  • If your brand ends their relationship with an agency, all skills and insights go along with them. 
  • Agencies are generally more expensive than in-house teams 

 In this blog, we weighed up the pros and cons of how building an inhouse team may not necessarily be cheaper in the long run.  Before you choose to create your own internal Amazon marketing team or decide to choose an agency, take some time to think about your goals and long term plan for your Amazon business. Ultimately, it takes money to make money.  

We do think that agencies have an edge. Amazon is more than just making sales. If you work with an agency that specializes in Amazon marketing, they will guide you to focus on what matters and what it takes to succeed. Before you choose an agency, vet them, check out their track record and ask about their portfolio of clients. It is essential to find an agency that is dedicated to you and establishes a connection and open communication with you right from the start.