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Every person has their own sense of style and taste when it comes to purchasing products in the business world. This means you should offer products in more than one variation so that you are able to provide suitable options to potential customers. The more variations you have will enable an increase in sales.

Listing variations are product options shown within the same listing, also known as (parent-child relationships) are sets of products that are related to one another. More specifically, they are products listed on the same product detail page that differ in only one or two ways.

Variation Relationships

What is a variation relationship?

Variations (also known as parent-child relationships) are sets of products that are related to one another. Good variation relationship listings allow buyers to compare and choose products based on different attributes such as size, colour, or other characteristics from the available options on a single product detail page.

For example, a customer searching for a sleeveless dress might click on a product detail page for a dress that comes in five different colours White, Red, Black, Pink and blue and four different sizes Extra small, Small, Medium, and Large.

Elements of a variation relationship

There are three components to a parent-child relationship:

  • Parent listing: The product listing is a non-buyable entity used to relate child products

The listing displayed only in the Seller Central’s search results. Amazon catalogue uses the parent listing to establish relationships between the child products. For example, if two jackets have the same parent, then they are related and are considered child products.

  • Child products: The products that are related to each parent listing

The child product is an instance of the parent product. You can have many child products that are all related to one parent product. Each child varies in some way, for example, by size or by colour.

  • Variation theme: The relationship between the parent and the child

The variation theme defines how related products differ from each other. Depending on the category chosen to list your products, variation themes also vary. For example, in the Clothing, Accessories & Luggage category, child products can differ from each other by size or colour, or package quantity and child listings in Pet Supplies category can differ in flavour, scent, quantity, etc.

In conclusion, variations Improve Customer Experience by making it easier for customers to search for and compare products that vary slightly from one another as well as boost conversion rate.