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International Expansion

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Selling on Amazon


Selling on amazon gives brands the opportunity to expand into international markets and grow their e-commerce business.

We have experience taking brands into new territories and understanding the key gates you need to address to be succesful in this space

Access to new markets

New revenue stream

How do we do it?

Understanding your Strategy

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your strategy on why you want to enter a new market which could include potential increase in sales, brand exposure, or brand consistency in the new market.

Market Research

It is important to understand your Amazon customer, competitors, the Amazon marketplace and product categories you’ll be selling in, and the words or phrases (keywords) used by shoppers when they search for products like yours in the new marketplace.

Thorough research has a huge part in the success of launching in a new territory.


It’s essential to have a logistics plan. How will the products be shipped? Where will they be warehoused? And are there any customs considerations or obstacles that you may encounter?

Legislation & Tax

Amazon’s marketplaces are subject to legislation and tax compliance in the countries they operate. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the rules around warehousing, shipping, and selling in the marketplaces you’re expanding to as well as your tax/VAT obligations.

Product Offering

 The international market in which you’re expanding may have differences in preference, and you might find that your products perform differently compared to your local market.