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Brand Registered Sellers, Meet Brand Analytics!

The new tool provided by Amazon for brand registered Sellers provides insightful and strategic information that can help empower and support performance-based decisions at any scale. The information gathered is based on consumer behaviour, the Seller’s product portfolio & advertising activities.

The usefulness and importance of the data given by Amazon’s new Brand Analytics tool speaks for itself.

Brand Analytics is an extremely insightful and powerful tool. The brand analytic data allows Sellers to access reports of customer behaviour, consumer search terms, market basket analysis (identifies relationships between the items people buy – which items are frequently bought together), purchase behaviours, item comparison & alternative reports.

Below we’ll brush over the different report types available via Brand Analytics:

Search Term Report

Amongst all the useful reports and insight available with Brand Analytics, the Amazon search terms report is extremely valuable. It shows brand owners how customers are finding their products and their competitors’ products on Amazon.

  • Search terms that are relative to your products and customer search queries
  • Search term frequency rank
  • Click share percentage
  • Conversion share percentage

The Amazon search term report also details the most popular search terms on Amazon during a given time period. Along with each term’s frequency rank and top three products that customers clicked on after searching a specific search term.

Market Basket Data Analysis

The data presented in this category allows the Seller to identify cross-selling and bundling opportunities, based on product insights that are being frequently purchased together by your customers.

This can help direct and decrease ACoS in campaigns such as Product Targeting Ads and Product Display Ads targeting. The following set of data is displayed under market basket data analysis:

  • Your product title + ASIN
  • Top 3 purchased products (Including Title and ASIN)
  • Combination percentage

Item Comparison and Alternative Purchase Behaviour

This set of data provided by Amazons Brand Analytics helps improve your competitive intelligence by displaying key insights on products most frequently viewed together with yours, in addition to customers final choice after viewing your product.

The following set of data is displayed under item comparison and alternative purchase behaviour:

  • Top 5 compared ASINs, accompanied by their product titles
  • Compared percentage

Note: Data is generally available in Brand Analytics within 72 hours of the close of a given period.

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