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Over the December period of 2018, retailers in the UK experienced the lowest sales performance figures since 2008.

December shoppers are on the hunt for the biggest savings and bargains around. This time of year is home to festive celebrations around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year.

Among some of the biggest retailers in the UK who have announced a fall in sales figures were Debenhams who reported a 5.7% fall in revenue over the holiday period and Marks and Spencer who saw sales drop 2.2% overall.

This has been a holiday period like no other with consumers choosing not to overspend this Christmas, with retail sales growth stalling for the first time in 28 months.

The worst December sales performance in 10 years means a challenging start to 2019 for retailers, with business rates set to rise once again this year, and the threat of a no-deal Brexit looming ever larger.

Last year, Amazon banked a whopping $60.5 billion in Q4; sales for the same period in 2016 were $43.7 billion. This is just a glimpse into what the turnover for Q4 2018 could look like.

With the introduction of AMS worldwide, there has been an influx of new business and retailers distributing their goods via the Amazon portal which only contributes to the giants’ figures.

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