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Amazon continues to expand and grow month on month. A global pandemic has not stopped or hindered the e-Commerce giant in any way, shape, or form.

Below are some headlines of news relating to Amazon over the month of July.

Amazon Go UK

Amazon is set to open 30 physical stores in the UK with no lines and no checkout.

The idea is that customers will gain access to the shops with their Amazon Go app and then cameras will keep track of what you’re buying.

Amazon is said to be interested in opening stores near transport hubs, so busy commuters needing to pick items up on the go can be targeted.

Amazon To Tackle Free Food Delivery

Amazon is ramping up its online grocery service with the aim of serving millions of shoppers across the UK by the end of 2020.

Online food sales have almost doubled during the pandemic with grocers struggling to keep up with demand and now Amazon is after a bigger slice of this fast-growing market.

Shoppers have to subscribe to Amazon Prime to get it and users currently have to pay an additional monthly fee or a delivery charge per order. It has about 10,000 products including fresh, chilled and frozen food.


Amazon has faced increasing scrutiny over how it uses the vast trove of data it collects from third-party sellers on its site, with competitors and regulators claiming that Amazon has leveraged the information to launch competing products, or favor its own, in violation of its own stated policies.

Amazon is already the subject of several investigations concerning its potentially monopolistic behavior as well as its treatment of workers. But what will the outcome be and how will this affect the Amazon platform? we will have to wait and see.

Amazon Expands In Sweden

Although Amazon was available in Sweden through other European regions, the Swedish has not had an Amazon platform of its own. Amazon intends to offer a complete retail solution in solution in order to capitalise on the growing demand and market in the region. This will include warehousing, shipping, and faster delivery.

The official release date has not been confirmed as yet but plans to roll out as soon as December 2020.

Stay tuned for more news in and around Amazon for the month of August.